Beans, Peas & Corns
Breads, Pappadums & Wafers
Candied, Crystallized & Glazed Items
Chips , Cookies ,Crackers & Snacks
Chutney,Jam/Jelly,Preserve, Marmalade
Coffee & Accessories
Cook Books & Others
Cook Wares Etc.
Fish,Seafood & Products
Flavors,Extracts, Floral Water & Bitters
Flour/Meal, Starch & Baking Ingredients
Fruits & Nuts
Ghee Variety
Grains, Couscous & Orzo
Herbal-Medicine & Health-Beauty Products
Incense & Accessories
Instant Mixes For Foods,Desserts &Drinks
Lentils & Dals
Noodles, Pasta & Vermicelli
Oils--Edible/ Culinary
Pickled &Preserved in Salt-Water/Vinegar
Pickles & Relishes In Oil / Spices
Ready To Eat / Heat 'n Serve Entree
Sauces & Pastes
Seaweeds & Sea Vegetables
Soup Mix, Stocks, Broths & Boullions
Spices,Culinary Herbs &Seasoning
Sub-Continental Gourmet & Fine Foods
Sugars & Jaggary
Sweets - Pastry & Chocolate -Cocoa
Syrups,Cordials,Molasses & Conc'td Juice
Tea & Accessories
Vinegar & Cooking Wine
123 Lexington Ave
New York, NY 10016

Store Hours:
Mon - Sat 10am-8pm EST
Sun/Holiday 11am-7pm EST

TEL : 212-685-3451
FAX : 212-683-8458


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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

100% Satisfaction GuaranteedOur products are always fresh and of high quality because we are frequently replenishing our inventory with products from only the best selected sources. We are dedicated to bringing you quality products and exceptional service. Should a product fail to meet your expectations, we will gladly replace it or issue a store credit of equal value.

Customer Privacy Protection

At Kalustyan's, we are truly concern for the privacy of our customer's information. We do not market our customer's transaction information to other parties for profit. However, we may only use anonymous sale and demographic information for our business marketing. We will only mail sale and product information to our customers who want to receive them. If you do not want to receive the information further, please contact us by email or select No on the Customer Information page at your next Checkout.

Return Policy

You may return unopened and unused products to us within 30 days from the invoice date. We will only refund the retail value and any sales tax of the returned products. You will need to pay for the return shipping.

Shipping & Handling (S&H)

We can ship by UPS Ground, 2nd Day, 3rd Day or Overnight. Please choose the correct shipping- and-handling at Checkout. The Checkout will appropriately calculate the shipping-and-handling. There is an extra US$7.00 charge if you choose C.O.D. payment. For overseas orders, we will email you the shipping-and-handling, and any applicable export tax after you placed the order. Here are some approximate shipping-and-handling fees for UPS Ground in various regions of the United States:

Region Total Retail
<= US$15.00
Total Retail
<= US$25.00
Total Retail
<= US$50.00
Total Retail
<= US$100.00
Total Retail
<= US$150.00
Total Retail
<= US$200.00
East Coast $9.95 $10.95 $13.95 $17.95 $25.95 $30.95
Central $9.95 $10.95 $13.95 $17.95 $25.95 $30.95
West Coast $10.95 $11.95 $14.95 $18.95 $26.95 $31.95

The shipping-and-handling fee for Total Retail above US$200 will be determined after the receipt of order. We will notify you by email. These posted fees are subject to change without notice . However, the fees calculated at Checkout are always accurate and up-to-date.

Checkout Encryption Security

Our Checkout and Order Status sites use GoDaddy's Starfield Technologies 128-bit encryption digital certificate to protect our customers' private transaction information. You will notice the additional "https" infront of the URL to the sites and also the appearance of a yellow lock similar to this security lock icon (if you are using MS Internet Explorer) at the bottom of your browser. When you are on a secured page, you may also examine the Properties of the page to learn about the authenticity of our digital certificate.

The encryption will prevent computer hackers from reading the information transmitted between your personal computer and the Web servers. However, the level of encryption depends on your browser software. We strongly recommend our shoppers to use a browser that supports 128-bit encryption.

If you are experiencing shopping problems, such as getting certificate warning or missing items from your shopping cart, find out how you can correct your browser.

Accuracy of Information, Copyrights and Legal Use

All the information presented on the Web site is known to be accurate and approved by our management at the time it was compiled. Information is subject to change without notice to shoppers. We are trying our best to frequently update the Web site so that it reflects the most accurate information to-date. The product retail prices, descriptions, shipping-and-handling, and sales tax are deemed final and accurate at Checkout. Because we are occasionally changing product retail prices, descriptions and shipping-and-handling online, the information on the online catalog can change instantly without prior notice. However once the products are checked out, the prices, descriptions and shipping-and-handling are considered final.

Marhaba International, Inc., the owner of Kalustyan's Spices and Sweets solely owns the operation, terms, conditions and products on this Web site. Its owns domain names, such as spiceandsweet.com, forspice.com, riceandbean.com and kalustyans.com which are all leading to this single Web site. Our bona fide intention is to make it easier for some shoppers to remember the Web site address.

All materials, such as domain names, graphics, design concepts, program codes and trademarks are all rights reserved to Marhaba International Inc. (owner of Kalustyan's Spices and Sweets), WebMeridian Technologies (Web service provider) and their respective copyright owners whom we legally gotten approval from. The use of these materials is subject to U.S. and International Copyright Protection Laws. Any desire to use these materials whether for profit or non-profit, one must submit a written request to Marhaba International Inc for review. Any violation of use of these materials will be punishable by the strictest law available.

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Our goal is Your Satisfaction. We're dedicated to bringing you only Quality Products and Exceptional Services.
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