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Cook Wares Etc. Cook Wares & Accessories  (total 199 items)
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SKU Name Pict. Brand Type Price (US$) Quantity  
54857  Salt Grinder,Glass     So!Go  5.5 set  $18.99    Add to Cart 
494874  Salt, Pepper, Spice & Seed Mill, Ceramic
Product Of Japan
   Kyocera  5 Set  $29.99    Add to Cart 
34958  Samsi, S/Steel     Imported  Each  $7.99    Add to Cart 
070S01  Sansi, Stainless Steel
Holding Hot Plates
   Imported  Each  $8.99    Add to Cart 
4059  Sauce Pan S/Steel with Copper Bottom     Imported  7 inch Each  $24.99    Add to Cart 
549578  Sauce Pan, Aluminium     Imported  6 inch Each  $13.99    Add to Cart 
        7.25 Each  $18.99    Add to Cart 
49547  Serving Bucket, Baltu Type, S/S with Copper     Imported  4 inch Each  $16.99    Add to Cart 
070S02  Sev Sancha, Noodle Press, Brass
For Making Semian/ Noodles
Click to View  Imported  Each  $23.99    Add to Cart 
070S03  Sil with Batta
(Sil) A Flat Grinding Stone With Cylindrical Stone ( Batta), For Grinding Wet Herbs & Spices
   Imported  Set  $54.99    Add to Cart 
54958  Silpat Baking Liner     Silpat  11x16 Each  $29.99    Add to Cart 
070S04  Skewers, Bamboo     Roland  10-12 Inch Pack  $5.99    Add to Cart 
        8 Inch Pack  $4.99    Add to Cart 
070S05  Skewers, Ex-Wide Stainless Steel
For Kofte Kabab
   Imported  1' widex24 Each  $10.99    Add to Cart 
070S07  Skewers, Wide Stainless Steel
For Kofte Kabab
   Imported  1/8 wide Each  $9.99    Add to Cart 
        1/4 Each  $10.99    Add to Cart 
        3/8 Each  $8.99    Add to Cart 
5968  Spice Can Set, 3 tier
Includes 12(4oz) Stackable S/S Spice Cans, Chrome Steel Wire Rack &
Click to View    Set  $54.99    Add to Cart 
5857  Spice Grinder White Marble     Imported  3 inch Set  $24.99    Add to Cart 
73365  Spice Rack,Revolving
Includes 16 (2 oz) Glass Bottles With s/s Lids & Plastic Shaker Lids And Chrome Revolving Rack
Click to View  RSVP  6.5x6.5x11.5 Set  $74.99    Add to Cart 
H-30015  Splatter Screen, S/S     Imported  11 1/2" Each  $19.99    Add to Cart 
560569  Spoon, Serving,S/Steel with Copper Handle     Imported  8 inch Each  $9.99    Add to Cart 
070S12  Spoon, Slotted, S/S,Cooking Tools     Imported  13 Inch Each  $6.99    Add to Cart 
070S17  Sushi Mat (Bamboo)     JFC  Each   $8.99    Add to Cart 
070T01  Tawa , Iron,For Dosa     Imported  Each  $24.99    Add to Cart 
070T02  Tawa, Aluminium
Aluminium Griddle For Making Bread
   Imported  Each  $16.99    Add to Cart 
070T03  Tawa, Iron Non Stick     Imported  Each  $29.99    Add to Cart 
070T05  Tawa, Iron With Wooden Handle
Iron Griddle For Making Bread
   Imported  Small Each  $18.99    Add to Cart 
        Medium Each  $25.99    Add to Cart 
070T06  Tawa, S/Steel With Copper Bottom, Fancy     Imported  9 inch Each  $24.99    Add to Cart 

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